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3Gold Dubs Selecta J Man Cheshire CatChampagne & AsparagusDrum & Bass01/05/2020Listen on Junodownload
1The BrainkillerBlack MagicBreakbeat16/03/2020Listen on Soundcloud
6LoW_RaDar101 & DeDrecordzDrunken MosquitoesBreakbeat17/02/2020Listen on Soundcloud
2ReceptorAvocadoDrum & Bass13/03/2020Listen on Soundcloud
5Father Funk / The Sugar Hill GangApache (Father Funk Remix)Garage19/03/2020 Listen on Bandcamp
7MillbrookBroken LoveDrum & Bass06/03/2020Listen on Soundcloud
4Selecta J ManBig Bout YaDrum & Bass27/12/2019Listen on Soundcloud
9Selecta J Man & FleckDrum SongDrum & Bass04/10/2019Listen on YouTube
8GrayRubadubDrum & Bass13/12/2019Listen on YouTube
10Mikkim Feat Mc TurnerPositive VibrationsDrum & Bass10/04/2020Listen on Soundcloud

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76Gold Dubs / Selecta J-Man / Cheshire CatChampagne & AsparagusDrum & Bass01/05/2020Listen on Junodownload
75LoW_RaDar101 & DeDrecordzDrunken MosquitoesBreakbeat17/02/2020Listen on Soundcloud
74Dossa And LocuzzedDeweyDrum & Bass22/11/2019Listen on Youtube
73BoifrenzDown With ItGlitch Hop11/04/2016Listen on Soundcloud
72StepcatBootleg BrassGlitch Hop11/04/2016Listen on Soundcloud
71ElysiumSpank TankBreakbeat08/04/2016Listen on Soundcloud
70The BrainkillerBlack MagicBreakbeat16/03/2020Listen on Soundcloud
69ReceptorAvocadoDrum & Bass13/03/2020Listen on Soundcloud
68Extra Medium & WBBLThe Beat Goes OnDrum & Bass31/07/2019Listen on Soundcloud
67Extra MediumI Fall In LoveDrum & Bass31/07/2019Listen on Soundcloud
66Extra MediumMy HouseDrum & Bass31/07/2019Listen on Soundcloud
65Mikkim Feat Mc TurnerPositive VibrationsDrum & Bass10/04/2020Listen on Soundcloud
64MillbrookBroken LoveDrum & Bass06/03/2020Listen on Soundcloud
63AgroThuggishDrum & Bass13/03/2020Listen on Soundcloud
62Selecta J ManBig Bout YaDrum & Bass27/12/2019
Listen on Soundcloud
61Benny V And Dj Uniques Feat Raggo Zulu RebelRice N Peas (Aphrodite Remix)Drum & Bass07/02/2020Listen on Soundcloud
60MDFiction (ZeroZero Remix)Drum & Bass31/01/2020Listen on Soundcloud
59Father FunkGimme The WeedDrum & Bass20/04/2020Listen on Soundcloud
58Genetix & HabitatBack in the DayDrum & Bass12/08/2015Listen on Soundcloud
57Shut Up And DanceSensationBreakbeat18/10/2007Listen on Beatport
56Deekline Fish Feat Navigator Blackout JaChampion Sound (Aries Remix)Drum & Bass31/08/2018Listen on YouTube
55Selecta J Man Ft Parly BRoadblock (2018 VIP)Drum & Bass22/05/2018Listen on Soundcloud
54High Step SocietyThe Newest St. Louis Toodle-oo (Extra Medium Remix)Electro Swing26/02/2018Listen on Soundcloud
53Rico Tubbs Feral Is Kinky Martin FlexJumpin (Deekline Remix)Breakbeat03/09/2018Listen on Soundcloud
52KHOnly Human (Extra Medium Remix)House08/05/2019Listen on Bandcamp
51LemaitreCloser (Howla Remix)Garage15/07/2017Listen on Soundcloud
50MutantbreakzBoomBreakbeat05/01/2015Listen on Soundcloud
49Millbrook Ft Takura Never ForgetDrum & Bass28/10/2019Listen on Soundcloud
48Kd Soundsystem / Le PrinceHigher (Mista Trick Remix)Drum & Bass11/05/2018Listen on Soundcloud
47MyloDrop The Pressure (Deezguyz Remix)House10/04/2020Listen on Soundcloud
46Octo PiUncle AllanDrum & Bass16/07/2017
Listen on Soundcloud
45BladerunnerLevel UpDrum & Bass10/09/2019Listen on Beatport
44EuphoniqueFilthDrum & Bass06/11/2019Listen on Soundcloud
43Kid PanelR U ReadyBreakbeat01/10/2012Listen on Soundcloud
42Beat AssassinsBust Ya Lighter UpDrum & Bass11/06/2018Listen on Beatport
41Rukus Ft Ward 21Champion (Selecta J Man & Kelvin 373 Rmx)Drum & Bass31/01/2018Listen on Soundcloud
40Odylic ForceHoly MolyBreakbeat31/08/2017Listen on Soundcloud
39Top CatGalist (Sigma Remix)Drum & Bass03/11/2017Listen on Beatport
38ScuddForever (Feat JustJo)Drum & Bass15/11/2019Listen on Soundcloud
37Manudigital Feat Devon Morgan Sherkhan And Ed Solotime bombDrum & Bass21/02/2020Listen on Bandcamp
36Adam FCircles (Pola & Bryson Bootleg)Drum & Bass20/02/2019Listen on Soundcloud
35Selecta J Man And Blackout Ja Feat Da Fuchaman Yt Rev Monks Man Raphael And Solo Banton RaphaelThe TakeoverDrum & Bass25/06/2018Listen on Bandcamp
34Raphael / Blackout Ja /Selecta J-ManUniteDrum & Bass25/06/2018Listen on Bandcamp
33Fleck / Selecta J Man Rock StoneDrum & Bass12/10/2018Listen on YouTube
32Selecta J Man / Blackout JaDancehall Extravaganza (Feat Daddy Freddy)Drum & Bass25/06/2018Listen on Bandcamp
31Dutty Moonshine Big BandDistillin (Powello Bros Remix)Breakbeat18/05/2018Listen on Soundcloud
30Jimi NeedlesHands In The AirDrum & Bass16/07/2018Listen on Soundcloud
29Extra MediumWork It OutHouse21/12/2017Listen on Soundcloud
28SaxxonWeapons (Bou Remix)Drum & Bass08/09/2018Listen on Soundcloud
27Selecta J ManFlyDrum & Bass26/06/2019Listen on Soundcloud
26Selecta J Man Gold DubsFire BurnDrum & Bass30/10/2019Listen on Soundcloud
25N3gus & PlatinumTruffle ShuffleDrum & Bass16/07/2017Listen on Soundcloud
24TimbaliPinch Of Salt (Selecta J Man Remix) (Feat Dark Angel)Drum & Bass06/02/2018Listen on Soundcloud
23C@ in the H@Smoke OutDrum & Bass28/05/2019Listen on Soundcloud
22Father Funk / SimianWe Are Your Friends (Father Funk Remix)Breakbeat19/03/2020Listen on Bandcamp
21Father Funk / The Sugar Hill GangApache (Father Funk Remix)Garage19/03/2020Listen on Bandcamp
20Kool Hertz / RastamouseHot Hot Hot (Kool Hertz Remix)Breakbeat26/08/2016Listen on Soundcloud
19DestiluxSunshineGarage18/07/2016Listen on Soundcloud
18Document OneHoly MolyDrum & Bass19/07/2019Listen on Soundcloud
17Jason KingBronx On BroadwayBreakbeat05/06/2012Listen on Soundcloud
16RahmaneePull UpDrum & Bass16/04/2018Listen on Soundcloud
15Mister RichEveryday PeopleBreakbeat26/06/2014Listen on Soundcloud
14Mister RichPoison RemixBreakbeat14/10/2015Listen on Soundcloud
13Major LazerToo Original (Q Dup Re-Rub)Breakbeat06/06/2016Listen on Soundcloud
12Royal BloodCrash Ya StockGlitch Hop07/05/2018Listen on Soundcloud
11Mr StabalinaBassriderDrum & Bass20/12/2017Listen on Soundcloud
10Drumsound & Bassline SmithTechnique Soundboy (DJ Marky Remix)Drum & Bass12/11/2019Listen on Soundcloud
9MinimaticCinnamon SongHip Hop14/11/2019Listen on Soundcloud
8Marten HørgerBadman FowardHouse24/09/2018Listen on Soundcloud
7Marten HørgerJungleHouse11/10/2019Listen on Soundcloud
6Phlegmatic DogsBastardHouse26/07/2019Listen on Soundcloud
5Benny GoodmanSing Sing Sing (Tuxedo Junction Remix)Breakbeat13/10/2016Listen on Soundcloud
4DephicitGive The Baby ft Summer Bright (Scour Records Freemix)Drum & Bass15/07/2017Listen on Soundcloud
3Dirt MonkeyWubula RetrogradeDubstep10/09/2018Listen on Soundcloud
2FdelSuperstar (feat Lightheaded)Hip Hop12/06/2015Listen on Soundcloud
1Chopstick DubplateUber Ride VersionDrum & Bass01/07/2019Listen on YouTube


Ed Solo Fabric Mix 202031/03/2020Ed Solo – Fabric Live / Jungle Cakes Mixhttps://soundcloud.com/fabric/ed-solo-fabriclive-x-jungle-cakes-mix

Lots of bangers up coming from Jungle Cakes & Gorilla Warfare!
JustJackson Goatshed radio29/01/2020Just Jackson – Just Jackson Show Live @ Goatshed Radiohttps://www.facebook.com/JustJacksonDnB/videos/1099327153793585/

Live w/ The Just Jackson Show

Tune in via www.goatshedmusic.com

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18/09/2019Father Funk – Shambala Fractal Forest 2019https://soundcloud.com/father-funk/fractal-forest-mix-2019

So happy to share with you my set from my 4th year in a row playing at the magical Shambhala Music Festival on my favourite stage in the universe – the Fractal Forest. I put a tonne of work into this set, it actually brings me to tears listening back and remembering what a time we had in the forest that night… Every year is so damn special, so THANK YOU all, and thank you to Rich and the rest of the Fractal fam for having me. Hope you enjoy everyone, please share if you’re feeling it. See you next time 🌲🙏🏼
– Will
[tracklist available on soundcloud link above]

12/09/2019WBBL – Shambala Fractal Forest 2019 https://soundcloud.com/wbbl/fractal-forest-mix-shambhala-2019

Here’s my set from Fractal Forest at Shambhala Music Festival this year. Was amazing to be invited back to play my favourite stage in the world. Biggest of love to Rich E Rich and the whole fractal farmily for making this happen. <3
06/06/2019Extra Medium – Swing & Bass Launch Partyhttps://soundcloud.com/extramedium/extra-medium-swing-launch-party-mix

In January 2019 I had the absolute pleasure to play for the legends that are Swing & Bass. The night was something else and luckily the mix got recorded. This made many a face pull the phenomena known as “The Bass Face”!

selecta j-man super sharp mixtape
02/05/2018Selecta J-Man – Super Sharp Mixtape https://soundcloud.com/selectaj-man/super-sharp-mixtape-selecta-j-man

Loving this selection! Full of non-stop summery lovely ragga bouncers. Big up J-Man!

An hour of Selecta J-Man’s original Reggae Drum & Bass productions build a bass weighty, sunshine soaked journey of his best work to date. The past year saw J-Man in the studio working with countless legendary vocalists including Courtney Melody, Horseman and Demolition Man who all laid down a special version for him plus the usual suspects from Born On Road took turns to add their own stamp.

ASBO Disco Boomtown 2012
25/09/2012ASBO Disco Benny Page B2B Aries B2B Serial Killaz B2B Serum B2B Marcus Visionary & Demolition Man – Boomtown 2012 https://www.mixcloud.com/ariesuk/benny-page-b2b-aries-b2b-serial-killaz-b2b-serum-b2b-marcus-visionary-demolition-man-boomtown/

What an amazing year, what an amazing festival!! Perfect weather, perfect beats, perfect people!

The ASBO Disco crew came to Boomtown Fair 2012 and the place got all mashed up. The lineup was tonk.