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Chest Size to fit:

Small - 34/36"

Medium - 38/40"

Large - 42/44"

Extra Large - 46/48"

Double Extra Large - 50/52"

Shirts cut is slightly fitted, so If you like your shirts a bit baggy than it could be better that you go for the next size up to what you like on a non-fitted shirt. If you should probably be a medium shirt but like something to show off your athletic build, go for a small. If you like to wear trousers that take an hour to put on and reveal all the lumpy chunks of your legs, maybe still go for a small, to match.

If you are looking for different size options, this may be possible, or not... but please get in contact and an attempt will be made.

Please be advised the print size does not increase with the shirt size. For example, the print on a small shirt will be the same size as on a medium, large, XL, or 2XL. So, the print on a 2XL may appear smaller than the same print on a small sized shirt as there would be more shirt, making a larger canvas for the print. The pictures used in the "Shirts" section, are of Medium sized tees.

The colours of the products displayed on the website may not always be 100% accurate to the true colours. The pictures that have been taken try to represent them as close as possible


If you have a soft-style shirt, after washing, the print should become as soft as the rest of the shirt and can be ironed on a high heat without damaging it. If you have a plastisol print, do not iron the design. Each shirt's information on the website will state what type of print was used. Machine wash at 30 degrees C with like colours.

Shirts shrink in the drier and the print can also be affected sometimes. So, it's advisable that you do not put any shirts in a drier, if you do so it's at your own risk!


You do not need to have a PayPal account to make a payment. If you would like to pay by card there is an option (see picture below).


If you want to return your shirt for any reason (within reason!) It needs to be in its original condition and within 14 days. Please return to Ribeye Design, 71 Galsworthy Road, Goring-By-Sea, BN12 6LW. Please do so by post, this address is for returns and mail correspondance only, and is not accessible to the public. If you are trying a shirt on to see if you like it or if it's the right size please make sure you’re not wearing any smelly perfumes or have stinky body odor, use common sense, if the shirt smells when you send it back or it becomes marked with make up, etc then it wont be refunded. You will need to pay the postage for returns. Once received, it will be judged if you are also due a refund for the return postage. For example, if the shirt is defective then you should be due a refund for the cost of returning it. This is entirely down to the discretion and eye of the Ribeye, but will be fair.

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