Ribeye Story

Ribeye Design is a musically influenced, counter culture clothing and design brand. Opposing greed and monotony and building a community by creatively connecting (creannecting?). Spreading good vibes through music, art and humour.

Founded in 2013, with a love for the UK underground music scene and bored of status obsessed feelings surrounding big brand's predictable dull design, Ribeye was born. Created to escape from the mundane and to deliver a quality product with the customer at heart, without ripping them off!

So, the vision is this:
Spread good vibes through alternative design.
Support artists through collaborations and selfless promotions.
Put smiles on faces through unusual altruistic weirdness.
Create events of music and art.
Invest in underestimated vital technologies.
SSPCI for short, it's sort of like PPI but more PC and something to do with s's. Send me a better description and maybe I'll send you a free shirt.



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