Formed in 2013, Ribeye was created around passion for the UK underground bass music scene, and a craving for alternative design. Bass music has been a close friend who’s always touched in a deep and saucy fashion. Warming the soul, chilling the spine, and slapping a massive smile across the chops! It’s got the power to make you move on a physical and emotional level. The devotion to the melody is what fuels the design.

Bass has always set off a special mind trigger, way before the raving days. The passion was concreted in by some very special friends in the early 2000’s who were excited to share their musical findings and lifestyles. Thank you to them all, and to everyone else along the way who’s ever introduced a banger and enlightened life!

Often out clubbing across the southcoast, eating up those delicious basslines. Opera House (now O2) and Concorde 2 were a couple routine spots. Chatting rubbish and devouring tantalising auralgasmisms was a regular adventure. Ribeye is here to supply the scene with some fresh and appropriate, or inappropriate style. Ravers street wear with more attention to design quality and detail.